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Learn to Love Living Gluten-Free

Are you newly Gluten Free and wondering how in the heck you are ever going to enjoy food again?

Most people waste a lot of time and money on tasteless experiments or chasing the new “Gluten Free shiny object”. There’s a smarter way!


I get it! Trying to figure out the whole “living gluten free” thing on your own can be overwhelming and frustrating. 

The “fire hose” of information that comes from searching the internet for help can leave you feeling even worse than when you found out you needed to quit gluten. 

Are you:

  • Exhausted trying to sort out which foods are “right”
  • Worried that you will no longer be invited for meals with friends and family
  • Alone, and afraid that you won’t be able to take care of yourself
  • Wondering why your body hates you and why food is suddenly your enemy


I’m here to help you sort through the noise and confusion and tune into what your body needs. Together, we will discover foods you love and that love you. 

With this signature program you will:

  • Get support to slow down the “fire hose” of information and find the solutions that are right for you
  • Become your own Gluten Free Expert with a list of favorite foods and recipes 
  • Learn how to confidently eat out and share food with friends and family
  • Make friends with food again and discover what your body needs to be vibrant and healthy


I grew up in Seattle, surrounded by beautiful scenery, fresh meats, seafood, and amazing produce from markets and our gardens! I also had two grandmothers who loved to cook and bake.

Looking back over my life, my body was trying to tell me that gluten wasn’t my friend, but I couldn’t hear it.

Fast forward to 1999, when a health care practitioner suggested that my chronic hay fever might be helped by quitting gluten. I thought it was a ridiculous suggestion (hay fever is a drippy nose, not an upset stomach, right?!), but I decided to give it a try. The positive results were almost immediate. After one very good gluten-free revelation and one DISASTER with a piece of chocolate cake, I finally heard what my body was trying to tell me. STOP EATING GLUTEN! And it freaked me out!

I had to get help, fast! I hired a coach who gave me the guidance, the mentoring, the emotional support, and the hope that I could re-create my food-loving self in this new gluten-free way.

After finally kicking gluten all the way to the curb, my life definitely changed for the better! I had a clear head and lots of energy to go back to school and earn a health coaching certification.

Is the thought of going gluten-free freaking you out? I’ve got you!

As an international Health Coach, my mission for over two decades has been to search out the most delicious and easiest gluten-free ways to live, care for myself, and listen to what my body is telling me. My passion is helping you find the fastest way to happiness and delicious good health without the frustration and struggle I experienced while trying to do it alone.

With the arrival of the pandemic, I had to put all of my tools to use in order to support and care for myself and my loved ones. Out of this personal exploration for security and comfort, a new way of caring for my clients was born. In addition to finding the best foods for each of my clients, I focus on creating a safe and nurturing space for reconnecting with and caring for yourself.

Let’s get on a call together!


My Mission is TO SUPPORT YOU

My mission for over two decades has been to search out the most delicious and easiest ways to live gluten-free. I have created step-by-step programs that will help you make an easy transition to gluten-free without all of the mistakes I made, or the frustration and struggle of trying to do it alone.

Get one-on-one or group support that’s designed to help you create long-term ways to feel good and have success over and over again.

Let's work together to create your own perfect recipe for life!

You get to choose your favorite ingredients from a whole pantry full of delicious foods, luscious self-care, and a beautiful environment.

We’ll set up private one-on-one sessions where you will receive a personalized plan. Start or deepen your gluten-free journey with an expert who understands and has been there!

Seasonal 5-Day Resets

It's more important than ever to find ways to stay healthy. These seasonal programs help you support your body by focusing on immune boosting foods and lowering stress

Recipes, videos, Zoom calls, group coaching, and a ton of done-for-you materials will support you as you Reset and recharge your body through clean eating and deep self-care.

Virtual Kitchen Clean Out

There are things in the back of your pantry and freezer that you haven't seen in years! I will help you get rid of foods that no longer make you feel good, and teach you how to find delicious, healthier replacements.

Now is your time to shine!
Let's talk about what you need to nourish yourself, reconnect with yourself, and start embracing your healthy, happy, delicious, gluten-free life.

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