Don’t Let Menopause Symptoms Drive You Crazy!

Something weird happens for us go-getter, fun, spicy ladies when our hormones start to shift, and we hate to admit it.

Help is on the way with the
Meno Sanity Program

This aging thing isn't for wimps!

Get one-on-one support to help you find the foods that stop the hormone roller coaster, sleep more, stress less, care for your changing body, and align with the energetic cycles of the Earth, all for less than $20 a day!!

Inside, You Feel Way Too Young For All Of This “Old Lady Stuff”, And You're Desperate For Some Way To Stop The Slide!

You may be reaching “mid-life”, but you have too much you want to do to be seriously slowed down by

Brain Fog

Weight Gain

Joint Pain

stressful sleepless nights

The Meno Sanity System

Start by creating your Meno Sanity Map to help you deal with all the wacky changes in your body, and your hormones!

Revamp your menu with an easy, seriously delicious, Personalized Food Plan to give you the powerful fuel your body craves.

Reduce your stress and improve your sleep with time tested, science based Stress Relief and Sleep Tools.

Decrease pain and inflammation, and balance your weight through Body Wisdom. Discover long term strategies for keeping your body happy.

Learn Your New Energy Cycles, by working with the seasonal energies of the Earth that feed your soul.

In the Meno Sanity Program you will

  • Confidently choose delicious food at every meal
  • Lose the meno-belly guilt(and maybe the belly)
  • Balance your weight
  • Learn how to partner with your “new” body*
  • Lower your stress, in a big way
  • Increase deep sleep
  • Feel good about what you see in the mirror
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Lower joint pain

*You may also see a decrease in hot flashes and some of the other “joys of menopause”!

Once the “care and feeding” of your beautiful body are taken care of, you can get back to

  • Bringing your big vision to life
  • Connecting with friends and family
  • Playing with grandkids
  • Exercising with ease

The Meno Sanity Program Details

This six month personalized Meno Sanity Program begins with an intensive 3 month deep dive, followed by a slower paced 3 month integration and coaching period.

6 Months For Only $3300

First 90 Days

Calm the Crazy:

Creating Your Meno Sanity Map



9 Navigating The Change Calls



Your new personalized eating plan

Sanity and stress relief processes

Caring for your new and changing body

Google doc and email support



Get questions answered and support between calls

Recipes, menu plans, and templates personalized for you



Second 90 Days

Step into Serenity:

Mastering Meno Sanity



6 Empowerment in Menopause Calls



Implement long-lasting lifestyle upgrades

Reconnect to your spirituality

Self Care that will support you into the future

Personal voice note and email check in’s weekly



Establish new supportive habits

BONUS - Seasonal 5-day Reset Group Program



Estimated total value for the six month program – $6400

Your Cost $3300 payment plan, or $3000 pay in full

Here’s What Folks Have To Say About Working With Edie.

Hi, I’m Edie

For over ten years Edie has been supporting women in caring for their bodies and deeply nourishing themselves. She knows from personal experience that what worked in our 20’s doesn’t work in our 50’s.

Edie combines her formal education as a Certified Health Coach, her decades of real-woman experience and her true love of food!

Clients in the Meno Sanity Program are led through a step by step system which shows women how to navigate the changes of mid-life.

This program is not only for slimming ourselves and feeling perky again. We also focus on decreasing anxiety, sleeping soundly every night, soothing hormonal craziness, and getting rid of the new aches and pains.

Edie is the published author of the cook book, Celebrating the Holidays Gluten Free. She has been a featured speaker for the national organization, Gluten Intolerance Group, and runs a quarterly 5-Day Reset Program.

What you might not know about Edie is that she is a classically trained opera singer! As an internationally award winning performer, Edie understands firsthand that feeling good in your body can lead to great things.

Frequently Asked Questions

First, you’re not broken, so there isn’t a need to fix anything. Second, the lifestyle choices that got you here developed over a long period of time. Making small changes over a few months will mean success in the long run. We’ll slow things down and gently shift old patterns to create lasting change.

Great question! There is actually too much information on the internet, which can lead to information overload and “information anxiety”. You are already stressed out by the changes happening in your body. You don’t need to slog through hours of Googling tons of information that has nothing to do with you. I will turn off the “firehose of information” and give you a filtered, personalized stream of support that will be the most helpful for you.

You can! AND taking small steps to shift the way you eat, and sometimes what you eat, can make a big difference. Finding delicious replacements will make it so much easier to transition to meno friendly meals. I have done-for-you lists and suggestions so you don’t have to waste money and time struggling to figure it out alone.

Toxic materials are a part of our world. Our bodies clear out a lot, but sometimes they need a little help. Also, when you shift your way of eating, it’s a good idea to give your body a little boost when moving in a new direction. We can do a cleanse for each season, and it’s extra supportive when you’re shifting to a healthier way of living.

I’m all about making cleansing EASY and FUN – two words that usually aren’t associated with the idea of a detox or cleanse. You won’t starve, I promise! In fact, you will be getting a meal plan and lots of delicious recipes that will instantly boost your meal repertoire.

My Mission

My mission for over two decades has been to search out the most delicious and easiest ways for us busy grown up women to take care of ourselves. I have created the Meno Sanity Program to provide deep and personalized support during your transition into a new and wonderful phase in your life.

They say that aging is no joke, however, a few positive changes can put the smile back on your face.

I would be honored to partner with you in “turning back the clock” and healing your body, without losing any of the wisdom and brilliance that you have earned along the way.

I’m excited to support you in regaining your health and wellbeing without all of the mistakes I made, or the frustration and struggle of trying to do it alone.

The Meno Sanity Program will provide one-on-one support (and group support in the bonus Seasonal 5-Day Reset) that’s designed to help you create long-term ways to feel good and have success over and over again.

Still Have Questions?

Menopause is a natural part of the aging process, and we still want to feel healthy and vibrant. You deserve to have excellent, personalized support as you move into this new phase of your life. Let’s get on a 30 minute Meno Mapping call, and talk about the next best steps for you!

I’m looking forward to talking with you soon!

Edie Hoppin

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