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Helping the newly gluten free get past the freak out and overwhelm so they can start Living the Good Life Gluten Free!


You just got the news that your whole world has to shift to Gluten Free. 
It's your "new normal".  Now what do you do?!



 When I was first diagnosed as Gluten Intolerant, even though I’m a pretty smart chick, I suddenly felt like an idiot. I’d been poisoning myself without even knowing it.


I don’t know about you, but I hate feeling like an idiot.

I wanted to become a virtuoso of delicious gluten-free food- as fast as possible.


And that’s hard to do without help.



I cheated a lot in the beginning, and made a lot of rookie mistakes. I just didn’t know the tricks, but I also hate asking for help. So I tried to learn it all myself (sound familiar?). I thought I would save money. I read tons of books, and all the information I could get my hands on. I was generally frustrated and overwhelmed, and ended up feeling even more like a beginner. It was too much. It took years.
Meanwhile, I felt sick.  I felt lost. 
I felt alone.


The truth is, going gluten-free is a new chapter in your life - more like the beginning of a whole new book. It can be a chance to re-invent yourself - better than ever.


But if you try to do it alone, and get overwhelmed by all the info, you just end up with an upset, frustrated, sick-feeling version of the old you who can’t eat gluten.

Got questions? I have answers!




The key to lasting success is getting support. I can give you the specific help I wish I’d had. It would have saved me tens of thousands of dollars, years of missed social life, and huge amounts of depression, disappointment, and illness.




This is your lucky day!!!




 Now that I’ve created an amazing new Gluten Free life for myself, I know the order of things. I can walk you through the steps, in order, to a confident delicious gluten-free lifestyle, and really, a new you.



More confidence

More freedom

More deliciousness

More health

More beauty




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