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For People Who's Tummies Are in Constant Upset from
Stress Brought on by Virus Fear


HOME2 Edie 169 counter croppped1.jpgIf you're like me, you feel the effects of stress in your tummy and your gut. You might start baking and making tons of comfort food, or your appetite might disappear. Sometimes it's even hard to know what your body needs and more importantly, how to fix it.


Well, I'm here to help! My focus for the last twenty years has been on healing my own gut. I want to help you figure out what supports your body in these stressful and constantly changing times.


The secret to staying healthy is getting professional help with finding ways to reduce stress and feed yourself the right foods. I have designed a signature program with easy steps that will help Soothe your Stress, and Calm your Tummy.



You Don't Have to Figure This Out All by Yourself!
Get Deeply Supported by a Pro Who Listens


Join the "Living the Good Life Gluten Free" Facebook Community to learn how to make delicious foods that support you, and ways to lower your stress levels that will allow your gut to relax and untie the stress knots.

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Meet the monster who might be causing all the mayhem and pain in your body by taking this quick and fun quiz. It takes just 4 minutes and will let you know the ONE food to avoid right now to start feeling better.

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Book a no-obligation, complimentary "Soothe your Stress, Calm your Tummy" Discovery Session and get your personalized plan that will show you ways to care for yourself during these stressful times, and beyond.

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Live Outside the Seattle Area? We Can Still
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Let us Help You With Healing Your Nervous Tummy While
Still Treating Yourself to Comfort Food!




Trying to figure out the whole "my gut isn't happy" thing on your own can be confusing and frustrating. I will show you how to use immune boosting ingredients in delicious ways. Choosing foods that don't cause inflammation, including gluten, can help calm your system so you can deeply relax.


I am here to support you in finding the specific foods and relaxation methods that work for you. In one-on-one sessions we will spend time focusing on your needs. We'll create a safe place for you to recharge and refresh, away from all of the outside stress and fear.


Support Your Immune System and
Decrease Stress and Inflammation


Maybe You Have a Hard Time Digesting Gluten


Meet the Monster Who Might Be Causing All the Mayhem!








 What Does Gluten Intolerance Feel Like?


  • gas/bloating
  • inflammation
  • abdominal cramps
  • constipation/diarrhea
  • joint or muscle pain
  • brain fog
  • fatigue (especially after eating gluten)
  • skin problems
  • allergies
  • sudden dramatic weight-loss



Let's Figure Out What the Next Step Is for You:



There is a smarter way to make a quick and lasting transition without wasting time and money on tasteless experiments with expensive ingredients or relying on unhealthy processed foods. 


Imagine having your own personal coach who will walk you through all of the delicious recipes, and self care methods that are perfect for you and your day to day needs.


You can have all that, and I can show you how.