Fall Group Program runs October 15th - 19th, 2018

A 5-Day Whole Foods Detox to Help You Feel Better, Have
More Energy, and Look Great (Without Up Giving Real Food!) 





The leaves are starting to change, the air is getting cooler, and, if you’re like me, you’re thinking about getting "back to school" after a summer of sun and fun. Before you step away from summer salads and indulge in the sugary treats of the season (pumpkin spice EVERYTHING!), take this time to focus on a Fall reset. This week will help stabilize your energy, support your immune system, and set you up for holiday season success! 


Hooray for the Fall 5-Day Detox!



Most of us think of summer as a fun and play, but we also might be eating more sugary treats (ice cream + cocktails!) than we realize. As the seasons change, we’re given a great opportunity to check in and re-assess how we’re doing with our health goals.






Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • Carrying excess weight around your belly
  • Experience sugar or salt cravings on a regular basis
  • Have skin blemishes and breakouts
  • Can’t think straight or feel like you have brain fog
  • Get the late afternoon energy slump
  • Wake up still feeling tired
  • Feel like you are ready for a re-set


If so, it might be time for a gentle whole foods detox! Even when we eat really clean foods, we’re exposed to toxins in our environment all the time, and those hitchhiking chemicals can really weigh us down!

This program is perfect for you if you’ve never detoxed before, and it’s especially right if you’re nervous about how your body might react during a detox. 


 The 5-Day Detox for Beginners is perfect for you if:

  • You’ve never detoxed before
  • You’ve detoxed before, but you’ve found that hardcore raw, vegan and juice cleanses don’t really work for you
  • You’re really busy and don’t have time for a longer detox program
  • You want a gentle but effective detox
  • You’re looking for a whole foods detox program
  • You want to clean out your system before the holidays hit
  • You ready to hit the re-set button on your eating habits 






I have done multiple detoxes over the years with various degrees of success. I was over-the-moon with the deliciousness and simplicity of the recipes, the fact that my family enjoyed them, too and that I lost - no joke - 6.3 pounds in one week! I feel great and continue to eat gluten and sugar free.- Caroline S. Washington DC 


My first detox ever and wow am I sold! I can do anything for 5 days!! I absolutely loved the structure. Three daily meals of which were all delicious! I bought and cooked things I never would have other wise! Swiss chard, fennel and salmon to name a few. I had enormous energy, my mood was positive and I slept like a rock. Enjoyed the teas, the daily FB support and the handbook was a great resource. Excited for the next one. Leslie E




What you’ll get with the 5-Day Detox for Beginners:

  • Dozens of recipes that are specially crafted to support your body’s natural detox processes
  • Two live training calls taught by me on everything you need to know to detox AND on how to transition out of the detox
  • A daily protocol with step-by-step instructions on what to do and when to do it
  • A 20-minute strategy session with me to determine your next steps once you’re done with the detox


I'm including these bonuses to give you even more support:

  • A shopping list template that will make hitting the grocery store a breeze
  • A supplement guide including my favorite brands and where you can get them
  • A “Deepen Your Detox” handbook so you can boost your detox experience
  • A complete “Eating Out” guide so you’ll know exactly what to order if you have a business lunch or dinner with friends

Your cost is only $97 for the program and all of the bonuses!!

There are no tricks in this program, only treats to help you take great care of yourself. After adding up all the done-for-you materials, personal support and bonuses your detox program is a $500 (and more) value. It would cost over $330 just to purchase the bonuses (that's a whole lot of leaf raking money)!

Save even more by signing up for the Early Bird Discount!

For a limited time, only $77!!




Bring your friends to the Detox Party!!!! It's always more fun with a group!

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Have questions? Great. I’d love to help you figure out if this is the right program for you.
CLICK HERE or send me an email at and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Looking forward to spending a fun and delicious week with you!

Lots of love and healthy eating, 



Edie Hoppin is the author of Celebrating the Holidays Gluten Free, and is the only top Gluten Free expert who teaches through singing educational Opera songs about gluten! An internationally award winning Opera artist, she has a degree in Opera from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle. Back in 1999, when Edie was diagnosed with gluten intolerance, there was hardly any info available about gluten-free living. Edie dove into the study of creating a gluten free lifestyle, giving herself an informal PhD in Gluten Free!

Now, she combines her formal education as a Certified Health Coach in holistic healing and licensed skin care practitioner with a true love of food (and a true sensitivity to gluten) to guide others in living well without gluten. She is the creator of Living The Good Life - Gluten Free, a program that takes people just diagnosed as gluten-intolerant swiftly through the education and transformation they need to become a Gluten Free Virtuoso. 

Money back guarantee
: I believe my 5-Day Detox for Beginners will help you feel and look better. If you follow the protocols and you find that doesn’t happen for you, just send an email to within two weeks of signing up and I’ll refund your money within 72 business hours, no questions asked. There’s absolutely no risk – if it doesn’t work, I’ll give you your money back.

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