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About You -

You just found out you need to go gluten free, and you're devastated, overwhelmed, and devoted to doing this right so you don’t have to feel sick anymore.


Even though it seems dramatic, you find yourself thinking:

“How will I eat?”

“Am I going to starve?”

“I can’t eat ANYthing!”

*How will I feed the kids now if I can only eat foods they hate?

*My kitchen is a danger zone? It used to be my sanctuary.

*Is everyone going to look at me like one of those picky-eating troublemakers?

*All of my favorite family foods are off limits. Am I going to ruin the holidays?

*I can’t eat out without embarrassing everyone sitting at the table with me!

*So now I can’t go to Italy?



It’s not fair, right? You love food.

How can you keep loving life if you’re becoming one of those “gluten free weirdos”?


If this is you, you’re in the right place.




Don't worry. I've got your back. In a few short months, you could feel like a Gluten Free Goddess - confident, radiantly healthy, and loving your new life with its gourmet GF cuisine.




About Me -

Like you, I struggled with my belly.

I’m a smart girl. I went to a fancy prep-school, took extra classes in college, and then earned multiple postgrad certifications, but learning to go Gluten Free in an intelligent and complete way was a whole different kind of school.

I love food!!! I always have. As a Seattle native I grew up surrounded by beautiful scenery, fresh meats, seafood, and amazing produce markets! I was fortunate to belong to a family that valued fine dining and home cooking. But this made my doctor’s news in May 1999 even more painful and heart breaking.

"Gluten-free? Ugh. Screw That! I’m not giving up my grandmother's famous buttermilk pancake recipe, or making Christmas cookies with three generations of bakers...!"



I resisted the lessons until it was too painful not to dive in and fully commit.




Flash forward to December 21, 1999. I remember going to my boyfriend’s corporate Christmas party. It was a fancy holiday party on the 35th floor of the oldest sky scraper in Seattle. I was wearing a sparkly little black cocktail dress I’d bought for the occasion. I looked like million bucks, if I do say so myself. The room was a holiday wonderland, and my handsome man was in the mood to take me dancing. It was such a romantic event. Anyway, I remember sitting down over this gorgeous piece of rich chocolate cake - the kind with the chocolate mousse in the middle. It tasted sooooo gooooood! It was everything you’d want in a decadent piece of cake, especially after abstaining from cake for a while in a half-hearted attempt to be gluten-free. No big deal. I could cheat every now and then, right? Well, I’m embarrassed to admit it. It only took about 15 minutes before I realized I’d just made a huuuge mistake. That feeling is undeniable. And although I sprinted as gracefully as I could in my little black heels, I regret to inform you that I couldn’t quite find the bathroom fast enough. Literally.


After that eye opening and dramatic episode, I had to wake up to the fact that this glutenfree thing was not just an experiment. It wasn’t going away. And if I didn’t become a gluten-free expert, it was going to be really ugly.


I read books, I studied, I poured over labels, and eventually I got smart and hired a coach. My coach wasn’t even a gluten free specialist, like I am now, but she gave me the guidance, the mentoring, the emotional support, and the hope that I could re-create my food loving self in this new gluten-free way.

And I should tell you; all in all, the gluten-free transition was really an amazing opportunity to transform the second half of my life into the most fun, adventurous, delicious years ever.

I’ve spent over $50,000.00 learning what I know now. My friends kid me that I’ve got a PhD in Gluten Free. And that was the deal of a century. Because how much is a pleasurable, purposeful, healthy lifestyle worth?



(My wedding with an entirely GF dessert buffet! Magical, and delicious!)



Now, I’m married to the love of my life, and I wake up every day just wanting to help more women like us make this shift swift and enjoyable. I. Love. My. Work. I live in Seattle where I grow organic veggies, play and picnic at the beach, hike in the mountains, eat out at gourmet restaurants, cook delicious everyday and holiday meals for family and friends, travel, and spend time with my six nieces!

I have created the systems, done for you documents, step-by-step support, and found the recipes that make it EASY for you to step into this kind of confidence and a life you LOVE.




And I eat REALLY WELL! I rarely miss my old gluteny “favorites”, because I eat yummier food than I ever did before. My body feels and looks amazing. Just ask my husband. Hee hee. Seriously, my shape has shifted in fantastic ways. Now I look in the mirror and see a Gluten Free Goddess. You can too.




About You and Me Together -

I’m right here; ready to start helping you today. And I will be here for you, and with you, hand-in-hand, while you learn everything you need to know.

You’ll learn:

  • The basics about gluten and how to explain it to others
  • How to re-create your kitchen/sanctuary in your new gluten free image without ticking off the rest of the family
  • How to shop like a Gluten Free Pro
  • The secrets to enjoying food more than you though possible - including at restaurants and holiday parties.


You’ll even learn how to find safe and healthy beauty products, and be and feel more beautiful than ever as a Gluten Free Goddess.




And did I mention I’m here for you? For reals. This is not one of those online classes you sign up for that leaves you feeling abandoned and overwhelmed. This is you and me together, taking care of this thing, so you can save money, time, your dignity, your marriage… whatever feels like it’s under attack by Gluten-Zilla.




About You Doing It All On Your Own -

Are you like me? Are you still resisting getting real live human help with this transition?

I did that, until I was too sick and miserable to wait any longer.

I don’t want you to suffer alone like I did.


Because here’s what will happen...

  • You will find tons of contradictory confusing information on the internet about Gluten Free living.
  • See all kinds of strange foods in the supermarket that claim to be Gluten Free, but will still make you sick (and they’ll cost you your entire paycheck).
  • Endure disgusting foods, crumbly pathetic crackers, and gross-tasting excuses for pasta.
  • You will hate yourself for not knowing everything already.
  • You’ll isolate and avoid going out, having fun, and hosting friends.






Edie Hoppin is the author of Celebrating the Holidays Gluten Free, and is the only Gluten Free expert who teaches through singing educational Opera songs about gluten! An internationally award winning Opera artist, she has a degree in Opera from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle.



Back in 1999, when Edie was diagnosed with gluten intolerance, there was hardly any info available about gluten-free living. Edie dove into the study of creating a gluten free lifestyle, giving herself an informal PhD in Gluten Free!


Now, she combines her formal education as a Certified Health Coach in holistic healing, and licensed holistic skin care practitioner, with a true love of food (and a true sensitivity to gluten) to guide others in living well without gluten.


She is the creator of Living The Good Life - Gluten Free, a program that takes people just diagnosed as gluten-intolerant swiftly through the education and transformation they need to become a Gluten Free Virtuoso.