Your Path to Living the Good Life Gluten Free 

Without some kind of plan it can take YEARS to fully move away from your old gluten-filled ways. With my system, for most people, it takes anywhere from 3- 6 months to really become your own Gluten Free expert, and to create a lifestyle you LOVE!


I’m inviting you into a 12-week journey with me.  You can take longer if want - I’m not going to abandon you!  This structure is designed to lead you step-by-step, along the path of my system.


This program includes a fantastic self-study workbook that you can do at your own pace, and we do our check in calls or email coaching (whichever you prefer) all along the way.


You don’t have to spend $50,000 and more, like I did.  You don’t have to waste years of your life.


My program is under $10,000, and I have options that make it REALLY affordable, depending on what you need. 


 Gluten Free Goddess Program



Module 1   Gluten 101

            End the confusion in the first week.  You’ll know all you need to know about gluten - to feel confident and ready to become a GF Goddess, to explain it to other people in a way they can understand, and to really know the secrets of gluten that will make it all make sense.


Module 2  Fix Your Kitchen

            End the overwhelm right away with this step-by-step process of making your kitchen Gluten Free friendly, and more functional than ever.  It doesn’t have to be hard, and you can turn your kitchen back into the heart of your home.


Module 3  GF Grocery Goddess - Shopping is Fun Again

            Does the grocery store feel like a gluten mine-field?  With this system, it will be your Garden of Eden.  You’ll enjoy planning and creating the best meals ever with healthy and safe ingredients, and you will even save money.


Module 4  Keeping it Fun

            You can be the life of the party, not the party pooper.  Yes, there is an art to creating awesome GF holiday food, ordering GF at your favorite restaurants without making it boring, and for traveling and having delicious GF adventures.


Module 5  Staying Sane

            Every GF Goddess knows how to calm her nerves, sleep well, enjoy her delicious relationship, and take good care of her sweet self.  You’ll learn the secrets that will make your GF lifestyle the envy of all your friends.


Module 6  Less Gluten, More Beautiful

            At a time when some GF women feel dumpy, plumpy, and grumpy, you’ll learn the special ingredients for a radiant beauty in mid-life that not only comes from within, but also looks like million bucks without breaking the bank.


Throughout the process, I’ve got special treats for you… guided meditations that calm and nourish your spirit, tips and tricks that make the road smoother for you, and special recipes that I don’t share anywhere else.  On our private coaching calls, we can address ALL the things that come up during this life-transformation.  There’s nothing that can really shock me. We will laugh our way through this fun process together.

  It will be awesome!  I can’t wait to get started.


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